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Prof. Moria Golan

Counseling, treatment and supervision in eating disorders and body image

"התגלית הגדולה ביותר של בני דורי היא שבני אדם יכולים לשפר את חייהם על ידי שינוי במח של הפרשנות והיחס לדברים ואירועים"

William James

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We Provide:

Community-based outpatient services with comprehensive program to mitigate eating disorders and body image issues.

With You Every Step of the Way

Professor Moria Golan

Prof. Moria Golan, full professor position and the head of the postgraduate nutrition studies in Tel Hai Academic College. 

 Established and directed for twenty years, Shahaf, community-based facility to eradicate eating disorders. 

Supervising therapeutic centers in the treatment of eating disorder such as Female center in Jerusalem, Mashaabim Center in  the north Galilee.

Member of MINT-Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainer

Works with: Ofra Tzvi, the center manager and a team of freelancers that I trust & supervise.


The services we provide


I run a private center. I am not obligated to report about my clients to any authority or institute except unusual and danger situations. 

All payments are made by the parents. 

I am happy to provide any letter or certificate of approval to any authority so parents can ask for refund.

The process

Phase 1: from partial recognition to full acknowledgment.

Phase 2: from acknowledgment to clear cognitive stance against the eating disorder. 

Phase 3: towards clear stance against the “patient” status.

Phase 4: towards re-authoring life and regaining self-agency.

Phase 5: towards recovery and maintenance.   

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